Dandelions Changing Mat Elskbar
Dandelions Changing Mat Elskbar
Dandelions Changing Mat Elskbar
Dandelions Changing Mat Elskbar

Dandelions Changing Mat Elskbar

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Elskbar’s cleverly designed changing mat with the popular print Dandelions. Bring it to the café with your friend, at a family gathering or on a walk in the woods.

Soft Bamboo & Great Design:

The conscious parents who care about reuse, good quality, and Danish design must bring this lovely changing mat on the go. Elskbar’s changing mat is not only functional, but it’s also beautiful, so you’d like to show it off in public places.

One side of the changing mat has the beautiful Dandelion print and the other side has soft bamboo terry, which is lovely for the baby to lay on.
Perfect for using on the go, in public toilets, for picnics in the damp grass, for diaper-free stomach-time or as a soft play blanket for the little ones.

It can easily be rolled up and snaped with the practical strap and it is easy to put in the changing bag when you need to get out of the house with your baby.

If you want to be 100% Elskbar you can match the changing mat up with the Elskbar cloth diapers.

Many Uses: The changing mat can also be used as a waterproof layer in the car seat or sofa when your child is potty training. You can usefully turn the absorbent side with bamboo upwards so that the small mishaps get caught.

The changing mat can also be used with the print upwards. It’s smart when you need to be able to wipe the surface off and reuse it. For example, the child can sit on the mat at mealtime to catch food and the surface can easily be wiped off and reused again afterward.


70 cm x 47 cm

Outer material:

100% polyester with TPU (thermoplastic laminate)

Inner material:

85% bambo, 15% polyester

Wash:Warm machine wash at 40-60 degrees with detergent.

Dry:Air dry wet bag or use a clothes/tumble dryer on low.